Monday, January 31, 2011

Dad and the chicks

Compare the emu chicks from the entry back on the 21st September, haven't they grown !

They are still "hanging" around with dad, bout time they left home don't you think !

Anyway, we love to see them everyday.

Here they are relaxing at the front of the visitor centre cooling off under their favourite tree !

Frill Neck Lizard

Thanks to a recent guest Erica Stuber who emailed me this great shot of a large male Frill Neck Lizard on the reserve.

New for 2011

New inovation for 2011 at the Jabiru Safari Lodge.

Dinner on the Lagoon Deck overlooking Clancy's Lagoon only available to in house guests.

For the All Inclusive Outback Package, all meals ( including lunch ) are available now at the Lagoon Deck. What a view for evening dinner at sunset.

Join us for a glass of champagne whilst watching the glorious sunset over Clancy's Lagoon before a delicous dinner catered for by Murri's Delights with indigenous flavours.

If you are staying on the bed & breakfast rate, you can still enjoy the evening meal on the Lagoon Deck, pre booking is essential.

The end of 2010

The lodge is closed for the wet season which started with a bang in November 2010, 1 month early. In November 2009 we had 25mls of rain but in November 2010 we had 200mls of rain !

The access road was flooded several times and the reserve was looking at its best with lush growht of green grass.

The animals love this time of the year and are very active. Lots of birds, lizards, butterflys and dragonflys everywhere.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Frilled Necked Lizard

10th September Chook found a large Frilly the first one after winter seams a bit early as it is normally after we have had rain and we have not had any since May was a nice big fella have also seen a few small baby ones since .

Dad and Chicks

21st September Emu Dad has had a busy week fending off the females advances and looking after his 5 chicks all going well they are spending there days around the visitor centre feeding and resting in the shade of dads shadow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thursday the 27th August our male Emu has turned up with 7 chicks in tow at the visitor centre. Female and Young male from 2 years ago are not impressed . They look to be about a week old very cute . Have just found a big python up the top of one of the trees birds are not happy with it beig there .